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Designed to increase your sales by 30%

A tablet menu showing sushi rolls items.
A mobile phone showing a digital menu, QR menu, and Scan Menu.
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Our Objective

My Menu has one primary objective - that is to upsell your food by presenting it in the best way possible. It's simplistic easy to use interface creates a fluid experience that keeps your guests engaged and ordering more!

Showcase your food with beautiful photos and videos

This guarantees an increase in your sales because your guests are mesmerized by your food and will definitely get tempted to order more!

Two cute young lovely females smiling while the other one is holding a phone with a QR menu or scan menu on the screen.

Direct QR & tablet ordering and takeaways

Our platform creates unique QR codes by table number, room number for hotels, or by sunbed number for poolside/beachside venues. So when the guest scans the QR code, the system already knows where the order is coming from.

Run marketing campaigns & promotions!

Allows you to run marketing campaigns showcasing pop-up images and videos at a certain time or when an item is selected, giving you the perfect opportunity to either upsell a certain item or promote an upcoming/ongoing event. 

Slanted mobile phone showing a promotional campaign poster of a restaurant through the digital menu. My menu is well designed for advanced menus for restaurants.


An icon of payment gateway for restaurants. My Menu enables the guest to pay directly in the tablet menu or QR Menu/Scan Menu.

Payment Gateway

Your guests can now pay their bills through the tablet menu or through their mobile phones without needing to call your staff for checks.

An icon of analytics, increase of sales of restaurant. My menu is able to know how many guests are new and repeated guests of the restaurants. This digital menu is more than just a menu for restaurants.

Menu Analytics

Your digital menu can now tell you how many of your guests are visiting for the first time and how many are visiting again!

An icon of integration. My Menu provide different types of integration solutions to further increase the efficiency of the digital menu for the restaurants.


We provide different types of integration solutions, not only POS integration but there's a lot more to help increase your sales and guest satisfaction.

An icon of brand customization for digital menu of restaurants. My Menu allows restaurants to customize their digital menu according with their branding guidelines.

Brand Customization

We understand the importance of showcasing your brand. Your digital menus can be customized according to your brand guidelines. 

An icon of guest feedback for restaurants or hotels. My Menu enables the restaurants or hotels to collect feedback from their guests without taking so much from their time.

Guest Feedback

Collect feedback from your guests without taking too much of their time.

An icon of multiple languages. My Menu enables the restaurant to have multiple languages on their digital menu.

Multiple Languages

Your guests can now choose 140+ different languages on both Tablet and QR Menu.

Mailchimp logo. My Menu has an integration with mailchimp for restaurants to have a stronger email marketing.

Email Marketing

Your email marketing on steroid with direct integration to MailChimp, and other email marketing platforms via our CSV export features.

A social media login icon. My menu enables restaurants for their guests to login with their social media accounts, allowing the restuarant to collect data for their CRM.

Social Login

Now your guests can log in via Google ID, Facebook ID, or Mobile Number. You can also make it mandatory for a guest to log in. And yes, we are GDPR compliant.

An icon of employee training. My Menu conducts workshops and tutorials on how to use My Menu for restaurant staff.

Training Academy

Video and Audio tutorials/workshops are provided on how to use My Menu and food photography tips to help improve the looks and feel of your menu.

Trusted by 3000+ Restaurants and 300+ Hotels Around the World

Ready to grow with us?

Get started for free, no credit card needed.

Depending on the location of your restaurant and in support of the #fightcovid, My Menu is running a Fight Covid Plan where you can enjoy from 15 days to 120 days of a free trial. Giving you enough time to evaluate our platform and to see if it is suitable for your business. We strive every day in improving our platform to help businesses increase their sales and guest satisfaction.

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