Showcase your Brand

For any successful business the brand is everything and we at MyMenu understand how important it is to represent the brand across all collaterals including the digital menu.

Start Screen

Our menu is 100% customizable which allows the restaurant to showcase their menu in their own colors and images. Moreover, its also possible to run a video as a background on the start screen.

Multiple Columns

Based on your menu and the number of menu items in each section you have the flexibility of defining different number of columns for different sections!

Multiple Languages 

Lost in communication? Never again! MyMenu supports over 140+ languages. Perfect for restaurants that get frequented by tourists who do not speak the local language!

Self Ordering

Running low on staff! No worries. Enable self order taking for guests to place their own orders! All orders are directed to an order panel or network printer.

If your POS has an API then we can connect to it and place the order directly in your POS!

QR Code Ordering

Running low on tablets? No worries. MyMenu allows you to place unique QR Codes on each table and the guest can use his own mobile phone to see the menu and plan an order without having to download any app!

Guest Feedback

MyMenu allows you to capture  guest feedback easily on the app. If the feedback is negative or under a certain average score, an email or SMS notification is sent to the Manager so that the problem can be dealt with real-time increasing guest satisfaction!

Increase Sales

It is a known fact that pictures and videos help sell the food better when compared to a conventional menu. My Menu is used by most of our restaurant clients to showcase the menu to prospective guests walking by the restaurant to increase sales!

Increase Average Check

My Menu showcases each menu item with an image / video on autoplay. Has ingredient warnings for allergens and calorie count. MyMenu also recommends items that pair well with the menu item you are looking at increasing the average check value!

Menu Engineering  & Optimization

The simple objective of menu engineering is to increase profit per guest at a restaurant. To achieve this we carefully analyze profitability and popularity of individual menu items, followed by the placement of items on the menu to encourage guests to choose particular dishes. All clients on the Annual Plan receive free consultation on the same guaranteeing your increase in profitability!

In the hospitality industry business types fine dining service restaurant nightclub table service we recommend using touchscreen ipads lenovo yoga apple ipad pro android tablets galaxy tab s2 ipad mini ipad air google pixel samsung galaxy tab android tablet. Our research of the tablet market shows that Motorola or Huawei tabs or tablet device for android device with a recommended screen size of 10" is a cost effective solution and good battery life.

Our restaurant management software although a cloud based restaurant software it has an interface to restaurant pos system / point of sale system / pos software. The different types of restaurants using the solution include  - quick service restaurant cafeteria cafes pizzeria fast casual where it is used as a customer facing software to take payments / accept payments via credit card processing at the cashier counter. Our solution is a perfect blend of hardware and software providing the restaurateur with management tools to seamlessly manage and increase customer loyalty. A touch screen handheld helps with order entry customer support and checkout via mobile payments.

Download our app onto any tablet. Once installed on the login screen scan the QR Code for your account from our backend

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