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Two tablet menus of yugo sushi restaurant, one tablet menu is showing the home page and the second tablet menu is showing the food menu of restaurant.
Digital Tablet Menu for Restaurants

Increase your average check value by showcasing beautiful pictures and videos of your food and beverages. Enable self-ordering to increase efficiency.

Upsell your food and beverages with My Menu!

It is known fact that presentable pictures and videos help sell the food better, compared to a conventional menu. My Menu allows you to showcase each menu item with an image or a video on autoplay! 


Our tablet menu is used by most of our restaurant clients to showcase the digital menu to potential guests walking by the restaurant which helps increase their sales.  

Showcase your brand

For any successful business, the brand is everything and we at My Menu understand how important it is to represent the brand across all collaterals including the digital menu. 

It is 100% customizable, which allows you to showcase your digital menu with your own branding colors and images. Moreover, it is also possible to run a video as a background on your home page!


Background color/image

Text Color

Title text Color

Tablet menu of a restaurant that shows the food video of a japanese food.

Showcase your food with beautiful photos and videos

This guarantees an increase in your sales because your guests are mesmerized by your food and will definitely get tempted to order more!

Running low on staff?

No worries! Enable self-ordering, where your guests can place their own orders. Their orders will be directed to an order panel or network printer.

If your POS has an API then we can connect to it and place the order directly in your POS!

Multiple Languages

Lost in communication? Never again! My Menu supports over 140+ languages. Perfect for restaurants that are frequently visited by tourists who do not speak English or the local language. 

Guest Feedback

My Menu allows you to collect guests' feedback easily on the app. If the feedback is negative or under a certain average score, an email or SMS notification is sent to the Manager so that the problem can be dealt with in real-time, which will help increase your guests' satisfaction. 

Multiple Columns

Based on your menu and the number of menu items, in each section, you have the flexibility of defining different numbers of columns for different sections. 

Health Information

My Menu can help you notify your guests of any allergen ingredients, and for your health-conscious guests - you can also enable calorie count on your food items!

Offer Recommendations

My menu's objective is to help you increase your sales by 30%. To achieve this, we carefully analyze your menu items individually by profit and popularity. So that your own digital menu can recommend the food, beverages, or dessert that pairs well with the guests' item choices to encourage particular sales!

All clients on the Annual Plan can book a free consultation on how to use this feature effectively. 

Download App

Download My Menu App into any tablet. Once installed, on the login page, screen scan the QR Code for your account from the My Menu Backend.


Ready to grow with us?

Get started for free, no credit card needed.

Depending on the location of your restaurant and in support of the #fightcovid, My Menu is running a Fight Covid Plan where you can enjoy from 15 days to 120 days of a free trial. Giving you enough time to evaluate our platform and to see if it is suitable for your business. We strive every day in improving our platform to help businesses increase their sales and guest satisfaction.

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