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Restaurant Scan Menu 

More than just a digital menu! 

Different ways to use QR Menu
A mobile phone showing a QR digital menu.
1. Just show the menu

You can just simply show your menu digitally in the best possible way, by showcasing your food and beverages with beautiful photos and videos. Take advantage of our other features that will guarantee an increase in sales and guest satisfaction while being more personalized with your guests by still providing physical table service. 

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Leverage Your Marketing Strategy!
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My Menu has one primary objective - that is to upsell your food by presenting it in the best way possible, having the most advanced QR Menu campaign features, and marketing integrations. It's simplistic easy to use interface creates a fluid experience that keeps your guests engaged and ordering more!

World's Most Advanced QR Menu Campaign Features

Guarantees an increase in revenue by 30% if implemented correctly! My menu is truly interactive with its advanced campaign features. From having timed pop-ups or on-click banners, images, video on autoplay, and website redirects. 

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Social Login

Did you know your social media reach is totally dependent on the engagement your posts get from your followers? Now the challenge for most restaurants has been that the people following them on Social Media have not actually visited their restaurant and the guests who have visited their restaurant are not following them on social media. This results in low engagement and lower reach of your posts. We have the SOLUTION!


Enable Social Login on your My Menu page. Now your guests can log in via Google ID, Facebook ID, or Mobile Number. You can also make it mandatory for a guest to log in. And yes, we are GDPR compliant.

Automated CRM

CRM - Guests Social login profiles and mobile number is captured and automatically saved into your CRM. Details such as birthdays can be updated by the restaurant. This data can be exported and used for mailing purposes.

Email Marketing

Your email marketing is on steroids with this direct integration to MailChimp and other email marketing platforms via our CSV export feature. 

Facebook Pixel

Your guests may have left the restaurant, but your adverts on social media won’t leave them. Enable Facebook Pixel and link to your FB Business Account.


Online Delivery & Pick Up

Say goodbye to third-party fees with My Menu's direct online ordering at zero commission! 

The pandemic has redefined the restaurant business! And the food delivery business for any restaurant is equally important or perhaps more important than their dine-in business. Click 'learn more' below to know how My Menu can help increase your direct delivery business and profitability!

Benefits of QR Menu
  • No need for printed menus.

  • QR Menu that showcases food images and videos to upsell your food.

  • Increased efficiency as the order and re-orders are  placed without the staff approaching the guest.

  • Simple and easy interface similar to most popular delivery apps making it easy for the guest to use.

  • No download of any app required. When the guest scans the QR Code a link pops up on the browser

  • The guest is able to place their order and pay directly through the digital menu.

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Branding Customization

Being hoteliers we understand the importance of showcasing your brand. Hence all our channels - Tablet Menu, QR Menu, Online Ordering Menu - the guest is first taken to a landing page that represents your brand. 

Your digital menu can be similar as how your printed menu is. However, with our platform, your landing page can be so much more than just a plain menu. You can add info page, guest feedback, call for service button, and option to change languages!


Text Color

Background color/image

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Showcase your food with beautiful photos and videos

My Menu allows you to showcase your food by video, which will help increase your sales because your guest is mesmerized by the food videos and not looking at the price anymore. 

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BAckend Multilanguage
Multiple Languages

Your digital menu can have 140+ different languages on both Tablet Menu and QR Menu. 

My Menu's backend user panel is also available in over 30+ different languages. Let us know if you would like us to add any missing languages!

Guest Feedback

The guest feedback section allows you to define your own questions which gives you valuable insight into your business and lets you connect with your guests. Feedback is directly emailed as and when they are received and also can be exported out. 

Receive orders on the go!

My Menu allows you to receive guests orders on the go via a mobile app! This is particularly handy in large format venues such as the beach/pool side or room service.  


Coming Soon

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Save your favorites!

Your guests can now ‘Like’ your menu items which will be saved into their favorites! So next time they visit your restaurant, they don’t need to go looking for their favorites again. It is saved as a preference even if the guest has not logged in!

Chat with your Guests!

My Menu allows you to chat with your guests once enabled. Guests can either select predefined texts such as ‘Repeat Order’, ’Status of my order?’, ‘Call Waiter’ or just type their message.


Messages are then received and replied to either on the back panel or via the Order & Chat Mobile app. Very soon we will be adding the auto-translate feature which will allow your guests to speak in their native language and the system will translate it back to your base language. Replies will also be translated back!

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Seamless payment with Apple Pay & Google Pay

Your guests can easily pay their bills with Apple Pay & Google Pay, increasing your guest satisfaction. 

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Your guests can now pay with Crypto!

My Menu's latest feature allows your guests to pay with CryptoCurrency!

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Our Client's QR Menus
Online Payment Integration

Have direct integration with your preferred payment gateway - stripe, razorpay, checkout, 2checkout. You can also use our internal My Menu Pay with zero commission to accept online payment if you don't have a payment gateway account. 


Ready to grow with us?

Get started for free, no credit card needed.

Depending on the location of your restaurant and in support of the #fightcovid, My Menu is running a Fight Covid Plan where you can enjoy from 15 days to 120 days of a free trial. Giving you enough time to evaluate our platform and to see if it is suitable for your business. We strive every day in improving our platform to help businesses increase their sales and guest satisfaction.

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