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Our tablet menu app runs on both iOS and Android


No APP required. Scan QR on mobile to see menu

Unique QR codes identify which table or room ordered



Start receiving direct online orders with 0% commission

All-in-one e-menu platform for restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels!

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eMenu that will INCREASE your sales by 30%

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Showcase your food with stunning photos and videos

Our eMenus feature autoplay food videos, making presentation the key driver of orders instead of price. This captivating display ensures an increase in sales as guests are mesmerized by the visual appeal and tempted to order more!

Multiple Menu Layouts

Custom Design your e Menus!

Your eMenu is an extension of your brand, reflecting your unique style. Our multiple eMenu layouts let you customize to match your brand's aesthetics, creating a unique digital journey for your guests!

Tablet Menus

Digital eMenus

Our eMenu showcases beautiful food videos on autoplay, providing guests with an immersive experience. It offers multiple customizable layouts to match your brand's identity. The eMenu also allows customers to place orders, run campaigns, and collect feedback, ensuring a seamless serving process and enhancing the guest experience.

Social Login

Capture Guest Profile!

With our eMenu, guests can easily share their contact details using Social Login! They can connect via Facebook Login, Google Login, or Apple ID with just a click.

Additionally, we offer mobile number capture with OTP authentication via SMS or WhatsApp.

Guest CRM

Our eMenu's CRM updates automatically, recording every guest interaction, including 'Last Visit,' even if ordering is NOT enabled!


Run Campaigns to Increase Sales!

Our eMenu allows you to run campaigns by day, time, or specific dates.

Trigger pop-ups and promo videos based on guest actions or timings.

Banners can link to pop-up images, videos, other menu items, or external URLs, all aimed at boosting sales of your signature items and promotions!

Online Delivery & Pick-up Menu

with 0% commission!

With our eMenu, reduce reliance on delivery partners by accepting direct online orders for delivery and takeaways. Create a unique delivery menu separate from your dine-in menu, link it to your website, and share it across social media channels!

SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

Increase REPEAT Footfall!

With our eMenu, filter guests by behavior and send personalized SMS and WhatsApp messages!

WhatsApp lets you send interactive video and picture messages for a more engaging experience!

Stamp Cards

Digital Stamp Cards!

Introducing Digital Stamp Cards with our eMenu. Create custom cards for coffee, burgers, drinks, and more. Decide the stamps needed per card. Manage multiple cards easily.

No app download or physical cards needed. Digital stamps encourage sign-ups and contact sharing. Track usage from our panel.


Loyalty & Cash Back Feature!

Boost customer loyalty and repeat orders with our Loyalty and Cash Back feature.

Reward guests with Cash Back usable on their next visit/order, fostering direct repeat business!

Integrate with external Loyalty programs; guests can use points for settlement!


Menu Description Generator

Our AI-powered eMenu description generator uses natural language processing and machine learning to create engaging, informative menu descriptions effortlessly. Restaurant owners can craft compelling dish descriptions with ease, eliminating the need for professional copywriters or extensive time investment.

Gift Vouchers

Digital Gift Cards!

Turn your regulars into brand ambassadors with Digital Gift Vouchers on our eMenu. Customize vouchers for guests to purchase and digitally gift.

Incentivize with discounted vouchers: Guests pay $75 for a $100 value, enhancing perceived value and attracting new customers.

Track and authenticate vouchers via our Manager app. Available across all plans, with a 2% transaction fee.

Pay at Table

Pay Now or Pay Later!

Enhance dining with our eMenu's Pay at Table and Pay Later features. Enable convenient bill settlement, boosting satisfaction and restaurant efficiency.

Collect guest feedback post-settlement for immediate insights.


Accept Restaurant Reservations

My eMenu's latest update enables direct reservations via a dedicated link, SEO-enabled as a restaurant mini-site.


Distribute and integrate this link across channels for direct bookings into My Menu.

Integrate seamlessly with third-party reservation systems for added flexibility.

Multilingual & Multi-Currency

50+ Languages & 70+ Currencies

My eMenu is global, supporting all languages and currencies worldwide. Both frontend and backend panels can operate in your local language.

Regardless of your default language, My eMenu adapts to the mobile OS language, configured in our platform.

Offer menu prices in a base currency with the option for guests to view prices in their preferred currency.


Chat with your guests!

Enable Chat! Guests can message directly through the eMenu to communicate with service staff. They can also continue conversations on WhatsApp.

Staff can conveniently reply using our My Menu Manager App on any mobile device.

This feature reduces phone calls and calls waiting, enhancing restaurant efficiency.


Connect with over 300+ platforms!

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success." - Henry Ford.


It is so true in today's business world! And we at My Menu believe in connecting with other platforms and do NOT charge any fee to do so.

Nutrition Facts

Detailed Nutrition Information!

My eMenu showcases detailed nutritional facts for each item, promoting informed choices. Display calorie counts, macronutrients, and allergen info to align with dietary preferences and health goals, fostering trust and loyalty.

Your Guests Can Now Pay With CRYPTO!

My Menu's latest feature allows your guests to pay with CryptoCurrency!

Guest Feedback

Collect Guest Feedback

My eMenu lets you create custom feedback forms for guests. Responses are listed on our panel and emailed to designated addresses.

Integrate with third-party feedback systems if you already have one!


My Menu Manager

Receive Orders on the GO!

My eMenu enables receiving guest orders on-the-go via a mobile app, ideal for large venues like beach/poolside or room service.

Accessibility Compliant

My Menu is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Compliant

My Menu meets the needs of people with disabilities, conforms with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) technical standards, and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Order, Pay & Collect

Digital Signage to show Order Status

Ideal for cinemas, food courts, coffee shops, QSRs, or busy bars.


Display "Skip the Queue" and "Collect Here" signs. Use our digital display on Android or iOS devices to show order status.


Guests order and collect their items when ready!

Our Customers

You are in Good Company!

My Menu is currently running in 4200+ restaurants and 450+ hotels across 70 countries. It is a corporate standard with Accor Hotels, ITC Hotels, The Park and a preferred solution with all major hotel chains!

My Menu in the NEWS

As a part of the #ALLSAFE program, the Accor Middle East & Africa IT team have partnered with My Menu, a global leader in digital menu that redefine the way guests order food entirely contactless. Through this partnership, guests can now enjoy a menu copy on their personal device by scanning the restaurant’s QR code and without the need to download any app.

Floor Bleeker

Group CTO 


My Menu is a digital platform designed to revolutionize menu presentation by using high-quality videos instead of static images. This unique approach enhances the ability to showcase product quality, allowing us to justify our prices effectively. Through this innovation, My Menu has achieved an impressive 15% increase in customer spending.

Steven Holloway

Director of Casual Dining  Sunset Hospitality

The application is extremely useful with high-end features to enhance the food and beverage business. The backend is very simple that even a non-technical teammate can update the content easily. In the present scenario, QR code-based digital menu is one of the primary requirements to avoid COVID-19 contamination using paper-based menus.

Meraj Mohammed

Cluster IT Head

Rixos Hotels

We take pride in the fact that My Menu helped over 1,000+ restaurants during COVID-19 by offering our platform for FREE to keep your staff and guests safe! We believe the hospitality industry is on its road to recovery, and to support the industry, our prices have remained the same since COVID-19.

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