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We won't lie to you! Our objective is to help the restaurant community. Which means we make very little or no money. You can probably see that from our pricing page. Why do we do it? We are a bunch of hospitality professionals who have made a decent living in the past servicing the hospitality industry, so we believe, now more than ever, we should do what we can to help revive the hospitality industry. 


So, if you are equally passionate about giving back to the hospitality industry, do drop us an email to or schedule a meeting.  We cannot promise you riches, but we do promise you a fair, transparent, mutually beneficial business partnership for life! More importantly, we are a lot of fun to work with! Join us!

We take pride in the fact that My Menu helped over 1,000+ restaurants during COVID-19 by offering our platform for FREE to keep your staff and guests safe! We believe the hospitality industry is on its road to recovery, and to support the industry, our prices have remained the same since COVID-19.

Ready to grow with us?

Get started for free, no credit card needed.
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