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Cloud Receipt Printing with Star CloudPRNT

Apart from having the orders come into our order panel or into your POS directly, we also have the option of your orders printing directly into Star CloudPRNT. The printout can be in either KOT or a receipt format. Works with all Star Printer models which are cloudPRNT enabled. To know more about how to configure your printer, please visit our self-learning workshops.

  • Max. Print Speed300mm/sec.

  • Resolution203 dpi

  • No. of Columns48 / 64 col. Depending on Paper Width

  • AutocutterPartial Cut (Guillotine)

  • Paper Width80mm (58mm Using Paper Guide)

  • Paper Thickness0.053 – 0.085mm

  • Paper Roll Standard Option83mm

  • Media PresentationUser Selectable Paper Delivery Options with Mounting Bracket included

  • Print Width50.8mm (58mm Paper) 72mm (80mm Paper)

InterfaceTSP654II Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet, HI X, Bluetooth, AirPrint and Non Interface versions. Plug-In Options for non-interface version: Serial (HD03), 9-pin Serial (HN03), Parallel (HC03), Ethernet (HE07),HI X (HI01X) TSP654II CloudPRNT-POS

Dimensions (W x D x H) mm Weight142 x 203.5 x 132 1.60kg

USD 495
  • Max. Print Speed250mm/sec.

  • Resolution203 dpi

  • No. of Columns64 (48)

  • AutocutterGuillotine Autocutter  - partial cut (centre).

  • Paper Width80mm (58mm with paper guide)

  • Paper Thickness0.053 – 0.075mm

  • Paper Roll Standard OptionUp to 83mm diameter

  • Print Width 72mm

  • EmulationStarPRNT

  • SensorsPaper End, Near End, Cover Open

InterfaceMCP30 Model Ethernet, USB,  Cloud  MCP31L model: Ethernet, USB, iOS USB with SteadyLAN, Cloud + Hub (2 Host Ports) MCP31LB Model: Ethernet, USB, iOS USB with SteadyLAN, Bluetooth, Cloud + Hub (2 USB host ports). mCP31C Model Ethernet, USB-C with SteadyLAN, CloudPRNT + 2 USB Host Ports, mCP31CB Model Ethernet, USB-C with SteadyLAN, Bluetooth, CloudPRNT + 2 USB Host Ports

Print on Disconnection

60 Million Lines, Autocutter: 2 Million Cuts

Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 132 x 140 x 125mm

USD 395
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