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Depending on the location of your restaurant you can enjoy anything from 15 days to 120 days of FREE service on the FIGHT COVID  plan. Doesn't matter the size of the restaurant or the amount in question, it takes time to decide or approve a new expense. This indecisiveness  puts guests & staff at RISK. Hence My Menu is supporting the restaurants community with the FIGHT COVID plan. Giving you enough time to evaluate our platform and to see if it is suitable for your business while keeping everyone SAFE!

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The single most reusable item in the restaurant is the menu. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sanitize a printed menu after every use. The solution, QR Ordering via the guest mobile. The guest scans a QR code on his / her mobile, sees the menu and places the order via the mobile without downloading any app. Unfortunately solutions like this cost money, and given the current market scenario, restaurants are not in a financial position to purchase such solutions.


Hence we at My Menu are giving away QR Ordering for FREE to any restaurant worldwide to help curb the spread of COVID-19! Do chat with us and find out for how long you can enjoy our service for free! It usually depends on your location and for how long restaurants have been open again for dine-in.



Being hoteliers we understand the importance of showcasing your brand. Hence all our channels - Tablet Menu - QR Menu - Online Ordering Menu - the guest is first taken to a landing page which represents your brand and branded as with your brand guidelines. This is very similar to the cover of your physical menu. On the landing page we have additional options such as Info page - guest feedback - call for service button - option to change languages!



You can use our platform to showcase your menu in the best possible way digitally. Take advantage of our upselling features and video QR Menu without letting go of what's really important - personalized table service!

Use case scenario - fine dine or casual dining restaurants.


Our platform creates unique QR codes by table number, or room number (if used in room service), or by sunbed number (if used in poolside/beachside venues). So when the guest scans the QR the system already knows where the order is coming from. 

The order can go to an order panel, or a printer or straight to your POS! 

Use case scenario - large format restaurants, room service in hotels and pool/beachside venues!


Apart from just getting the order, you can use our platform to collect the payment from your guests directly into your Stripe, 2Checkout or Checkout account.  If the above services are unavailable in your location, you can always use our internal My Menu Pay to accept online payments!


My Menu allows the restaurant to collect feedback from their guests before they leave the restaurant increasing guest satisfaction!

On both Tablet & QR Menu!


My Menu can showcase the guest menus in 142+ different languages, on both Tablet & QR Menu!

My Menu's backend user panel is also available in over 30+ different languages! Let us know if you would like us to add any missing languages!


We are living in a connected world, and thanks to the built-in APIs in My Menu it makes it very easy to connect with our platform. We are already connected and certified by industry leaders in both POS and Payment Gateways! Let us know if we are missing an integration, we will be happy to connect at no extra costs! 


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Step 1 - Guest Scan's QR Code placed on the table with his / her mobile phone

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Step 3 - The staff takes the order like you would normally do.

Step 2 - Guest browse's the menu without downloading any app

This is the most simplest form of QR Menu. Perfect if your restaurant believes in table service.  All we have done is replaced the printed menu with a QR Menu!

Guest comes, scan his mobile to see your menu and your staff takes the order! No POS or payment gateway integration required.


no bg scan cp.png

Step 1 - Guest Scan's QR Code placed on the table / room / sun bed with mobile phone

no bg cp holder.png

Step 2 - Guest browse's the menu without downloading any app


Step 3 - Guest selects the items and send the order. Order is received on a panel

This form of QR Ordering is perfect for room service, or beach / pool side areas or large format restaurants.

The order is received in an order panel usually located next to the POS (if there is no interface) and human intervention is recommended to avoid order cancellations. POS interface is recommended but no payment gateway required.


no bg scan cp.png

Step 1 - Guest Scan's QR Code placed on the table / food court / airport with mobile phone

no bg cp holder.png

Step 2 - Guest browse's the menu without downloading any app


Step 3 - Guest selects the items and adds to cart. 


Step 4 - Guest pays for the order after which the order is received on a panel

This form of QR Ordering is perfect for QSRs or busy bars. No need to stand in long ques at the till. 

Once the order is received the user gets notification via sms on the status of the order. POS & Payment integration recommended  



Step 1 - Guest clicks order now link placed on website / social media.

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Step 2 - Guest browse's the menu without downloading any app


Step 3 - Guest selects the items and adds to cart. 


Step 4 - Guest enters address and pays for the order.

This form of Online Ordering is perfect if you would like to reduce your dependency on 3rd part delivery aggregators and build your own delivery consumer base. 

Moreover, you do not need to pay high commissions for these direct orders.



Direct POS Integration with Oracle Micros, POSist, and other popular POSs. To be released this month Clover POS and Square POS. Click here to learn all about the Micros POS + My Menu integration.

Payment gateway.jpg

Accept online payment via Stripe, Razorpay, Checkoy, 2Checkout, Mastercard Payment Gateway and many more. Do not have an account? Use our built-in My Menu Pay to accept online payments.


Our front-end guest-facing menus and our backend is also now multilingual! We have enabled the following languages - Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.


You may enable Social Login. Now your guests can login via Google ID, Facebook ID or Mobile Number. You can also make it mandatory for a guest to login. And yes, we are GDPR compliant.

New and repeat guests.png

Brand new dashboard with new analytics. We can now tell you how many of your guests are first-time visitors and how many are repeat!.

Mailchimp Integration.jpg

Your email marketing on steroids with this direct integration to MailChimp and other email marketing platforms via our CSV export feature.

Facebook Pixel.png

Your guests may have left the restaurant, but your adverts on social media won’t leave them. Enable Facebook Pixel and link to your FB Business Account. Feature to be released this month.

My Menu Training Academy.jpeg

Click here to explore our Training Academy. Video and audio tutorials/workshops that will not only make you an expert in My Menu but also help you become a professional photographer!

Features & Benefits of QR Ordering 

  • No need for printed menus

  • Equally effective as our QR Menu showcases food images and videos to upsell your food

  • Increased efficiency as the order and re-orders are  placed without the staff approaching the guest

  • Simple and easy interface similar to most popular delivery apps making it easy for the guest to use

  • No download of any app required. When the guest scans the QR Code a link pops up on the browser

  • Soon the guest will be able to pay as well via his own mobile making the order secure.

Scan QR Code on this page to see sample of our Mobile Menu

Ordering food directly has never been easier for your customers. Our all in one QR Menu solution can be upgraded to enable online food delivery via your website or social media handles.  Our backend CRM allows you to take care of special requests for your customers  

Perfect for quick service restaurant, kiosk / kiosks, takeout or food delivery via ordering website. Start selling your food online, get food orders, accept mobile payment, your restaurant online. Your restaurant menu can be displayed on kisoks as well. We make it easier to take payments. Quick service restaurants can use My Menu as a sale solution for delivery via third party delivery and can be interfaced with restaurant POS systems. There is no need for the customer to download a  mobile app. Our menu app can also be used as a basic mobile pos.

Our QR Ordering solution integrates with any POS system / POS systems / restaurant point of sale systems. Same is used by guests on their mobile device to start online ordering - mobile ordering. We accept payments - credit cards / card payments via our built-in credit card processing. Mobile devices now have a built-in qr code scanner making this online menu ordering solution an ideal online food ordering system. Our ordering platform allows self ordering for retailers, restaurateurs, to enable mobile payments and have integrations with restaurant pos / POS software / retail POS.


Business owners from the restaurant industry can run direct promotions seamlessly via our online ordering system for your restaurant. Our management system has a user friendly interface which allows you to create a QR code image which can be easily read by any QR code reader. Our in-build QR code generator provides unique QR codes. Being a cloud based solution is very easy to customize and manage your online menu. Merchant can list on multiple marketplaces but manage the online order via our management software. We provide management tools for customer management, sales reports to analyze sales data. 


Although there are multiple QR code generators in the market, very few work with every QR Code reader, QR scanner / scanners, QR reader, or other scanning devices such as barcode scanner. 

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