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Today we live in a connected world. Thanks to most solutions being hosted on the cloud it has become super easy to connect with different solutions. We do not charge extra for any integration and if unavailable, we will build it at no extra costs. The priority on which integration gets built first is based on the number of our current customers requiring a certain integration. Reach out to us on our chat if you don't see the integration you are looking for. 


Instead of the orders going to the order panel, we can have a new check opened in your POS directly with the correct tablet number and have the KOT printed when the guest places an order in My Menu. This can be easily accomplished with our POS integrations. The majority of our clients use Oracle Micros, so one of our first direct integrations published was with Oracle Micros, followed by POSist, Clover, and other POS systems. To keep up with the demand, we are also integrating with third-party integration platforms which allows us to integrate with over 100+ popular POS systems.


Free direct integration with Oracle Micros all versions of Symphony and Micros 3700. To know more visit our online self-learning workshop.


Free direct integration with all versions of POSist. To know more visit our online workshop.


We provide free integration with different payment gateways. Stripe is the most used payment gateway worldwide among restaurants, however, the percentage commission these gateways charge depends from region to region. If you don't find a suitable  payment gateway in your region, you can use our built-in payment gateway - My Menu Pay without any additional configuration.

Payment gateway.jpg


Apart from having the orders come into our order panel or into your POS directly, we also have the option of your orders printing directly into a Star Printer. The printout can be in either KOT or a receipt format. Works with all Star Printer models which are cloudprnt enabled. To know more about the printers click here and to know more about how to configure your printer, please visit our self-learning workshops.



Bundle the latest Hollywood blockbusters with your food to increase sales! With license costs as low as USD 1.25 it is less than giving 10% discount on your orders and offers a better value proposition. To know more click here.

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